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+30 22860

                                Easy Jet's New Line:   Gatwick Santorini

                                The UK's largest airline will begin services to Santorini between   
                                March 31st and May 3rd as part of its new summer schedule.
                                London - Santorini direct air-line connection is a significant step to  
                                Santorini's air-line transportation expantion and it is expected by  
                                Santorini with special interest, as it will cover the british visitor's
                                as well as the local resident's needs.



Olympic Airways

Aegean Air Athens

Blue Star Ferries Athens

                     Tel.: +302103550500   Τel.: 8018010101 (within Greece)   Santorini Airport Tel: 30 22860 22493  

                     Reservations Department: Within Greece Tel: 801 11 20000
                     From a mobile phone/abroad Τηλ.: +30 210 6261000 Customer Service Department: Fax: +30 210 6261941

                     Blue Star Ferries Athens   Tel.: +30-210-8919800,  Fax: +30-210-8919829

SAWA's work - Protecting the animals of the island of Santorini.            

SAWA cell phone: 0030 6974321784   e-mail: christina{at}

The site has been hacked -- Till this issue has been dealt with you can contact SAWA via FACEBOOK

The Santorini Animal Welfare Association is a non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in 1993 by active and
devoted animal lovers of the island. Its purpose is to protect Santorini’s animals - from stray dogs and cats to abandoned donkeys and
mules- to care for their well-being and become an advocate for their rights.
Please link in and support this organization !! There are many animals on Santorini that are left behind and end-up on the streets.
In summer there are plenty of people here to take care of them  !  But in the winter things are bad !

The people at   SAWA  are devoted to make sure that these animals are taken care of by giving them a home, food,

and the vaccinations that they need to survive !
SAWA also arranges, in co-operation with international animal care foundations, to send these animals anywhere in the world for adoption.

 La Ponta Logo

La Ponta, a 13th century tower, is located within the Venetian castle of Akrotiri, 1km above the pre-historic
archaeological site of Akrotiri. The tower hosts a  Tsabouna, Greek folk wind instrument of the bagpipe family,
exhibition and workshop.