Welcome to my Site.

I would like to introduce myself and the treatments below:

My name is Dipika Gkini and I have graduated from the
Wat Po medical school in Bangkok Thailand with a diploma
in Advanced Medical Thai Massage Therapy and also have studied and practiced various techniques that apply to
Thai Massage with Asokananda  and  Pichet Boonthume

I have the master degree of the Usui Natural Healing
System-REIKI-Core Integration Structural Bodywork and Prana healing at Osho Multiversity in Pune India.
I was also trained in cranio-sacral balancing in pachamama Costa Rica under the guidance of Adevi.

Wat Po



Osho Multiversity

Pichest Boonthume

Traditional  Thai  massage

Thai Massage is an ancient healing art
based on the concept of energy.

It is a unique synthesis of acupressure, reflexology,
passive yoga therapy and stretching.
By the application of gentle pressure  along the energy
channels the blood circulation is re-established, lymphatic
and immune systems are reinforced and the functions of internal organs are strengthened.

The progressive stretches help re-establish flexibility,
the muscles soften and get rid of toxins, thus the
muscle tone is preserved.
The balancing of the energy flow helps the general
revitalization of the body, gives good health condition,
a sense of well being and a deep relaxation of the
mind and body system.

Wear loose comfortable clothing.

Approximately:   90mins

Core Integration

Core integration is a powerful system of deep bodywork that
connects postural alignment and movement education with
emotional release and awareness.

Developed after many years of study and practice, core integration restores the body’s natural state of balance by means of deep tissue bodywork, stretches, joint mobilization and re-educating the body.

Bodywork is one the finest arts, requiring a healing and skilful, touch, together with the understanding that each client is unique and has individual needs.

Balance is important in all aspects of life and Core
Integration aimsto restore the body’s natural balance by
improving the vertical connection of the main body parts,
head shoulders, chest, pelvis and legs.
Poor vertical connection is one of the main reasons for
chronic pain and stress in the body-mind complex.

A body in balance brings the experience of relaxation and aliveness.

Approximately:   90mins

Holistic Massage

Holistic Massage  is a whole body treatment in which aspects of
western and eastern techniques are integrated, along with the use
of essential oils that have revitalizing and healing properties on
the body.The use of long strokes and deep pressure relaxes the
muscles and joints.

The essential oils have a soothing effect on the mind and
nervous system leading to a general feeling of balance.

Available in 70 min or 90 min sessions


Reiki is a Japanese word meaning the universal life force.

It is transmitted to the recipient through practitioners
hands,who is becomes the channel of this energy.

The person becomes connected with his self-revitalizing
abilities, rebalancing on all levels such as mental,
emotional and physical.

Reiki can offer relaxing and sometimes astonishing experiences.

Welcome it! Wear loose comfortable clothing

Approximately: 60 min