( Sandor-'ee-nee )  "Santa    Ir-'ee-nee "   Saint  Irene

Also written : Sandorini , Σαντορίνη  ( in Greek )

The world famous island of Santorini is the southern most island of the Cycladic group in the Aegean Sea
and is located 63 nautical miles north of Crete.
Its surface area is 73 sq. km. and its population, distributed among thirteen villages, just exceeds
fourteen thousand six hundred souls, according to the census of 2010.

The name of the island comes from the ancient Spartan "Theras"  (12th century B.C.) who first colonized the island.

Theras came from the royal generation of Cadmus, the son of Aftesiona. His sister, Argea, was married to Aristodemus,
who during the descent of the Dorians conquered Laconia - Peloponnese.

Aristodemos was hit by lighting and died at Naupactos, leaving behind his very young twin sons Euresthenes and Prokles.
Theras became their custodian. Once the children became of age, they helped their uncle, who led the colonists on the island
of Kallisti, in which he gave his name. Nowadays, the capitol of the island (with a little twist) still bears his name Thera -> Fira.

The name "Santorini", however, comes from the passing of the Frankish Crusaders who, during their passage to resupply,
on the island of Thirassia, they erected a chapel in honour of Santa Irini (Saint Irene).
Nowadays there is strong evidence that Agia Irini at the base of the mountain of Mesa Vouno gave Santorini its name,
and not the chapel of Santa Irini in Thirassia.

Latitude: 35.25N - Longitude: 25.20E

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Santorini can be reached from most international airports via Athens.
The flying time from Athens to Santorini is approximately 40 minutes.

Nearly all international scheduled flights arriving in Athens allow adequate time for making the connecting flight to Santorini.
Numerous charter flights from different European Cities fly directly to the island during the summer period. During the same period Santorini is also connected with flights to and from Thessaloniki. Another way to reach the island is by a regular ferry boat service from the port of Piraeus, Thessaloniki or Crete and almost all the Cycladic islands. The boat trip takes approximately 4,5 - 9 hours depending on the ferry type and the number of stopover ports.

Daily high speed boats are available, leaving from the port of Piraeus and from numerous other Cycladic islands and Crete.


 Santorini    Santorini Oia


Santorini is included in the top 10 world's tourism destinations, a matter which is easily understood, immediately after seeing its magnificent landscape. Santorini,  "Thira"  ( formal name) is a classic Cycladic island, wit   h few flora, a lot of winds and many many white houses. But, among all these, Santorini gives to its visitors something special:    Its Caldera magic.!!!

If you decide to visit Santorini be sure that you have enough time,  2 or 3 days won't just be enough.   You need at least a week !! A walk at Caldera is not enough to enjoy the magical view. The whole day colours change and the landscape gets thousands of different scenes. For the sunset, there is a chose of things. The Sunset on a boat sailing in Santorinis Caldera..... Music, wine, good company, relaxing on the waves, and watching the sunset while sailing back to port - Oia (pronounced 'E - AA, not O-i-a)  Oia's magnificent sunset is well known around the world. Each year thousands of visitors from all over the globe get crowded at the village's castle and narrow walk-paths in order to watch the sun set into the sea.  And the Venetian Lighthouse on the Southern tip of Santorini which is becomingmore and more popular with people.

Whatever your choice the sunset is unbelievably......   Beautiful !!!!

 Santorini Oia  Santorini Akrotiri


Swimming in one of the island's beaches is a must, as well as the visit to as many as possible of its traditional settlements. Their architecture is amazing. It travels visitors to old eras. Apart from Oia, traditional settlements exist in Megalohori, Vothonas and Imerovigli.  Akrotiri is the name of a small Minoan settlement located on the volcanic island of Thira (or Santorini) in the Aegean Sea. Occupied first in the late Neolithic period during the fourth millennium BC, Akrotiri grew to an important trade center during the middle and late Bronze Age, with an elaborate drainage system and a palace.
In the late 17th century BC, a series of earthquakes forced the abandonment of the town, and a good thing too:
Thera erupted shortly afterward, covering the city in ash and splitting the island in two.

Akrotiri has been suggested as a possible origin of Plato's Atlantis legend archaeologists are more interested in the effects the eruption had on the Minoan culture. Most recently, controversy has stirred over the precise date of the eruptions at Akrotiri, with both ice core and volcanic dates indicating that the volcano erupted about 1625 BC, or about 100 years earlier than traditional date
The Archaeological Area in Akrotiri  is now open and has  30% more area.

Santorini Oia sunset   Santorini

The night life of Santorini is very intense. In Fira you can enjoy almost everything. Beginning from luxurious restaurants or simple tavernas and leading to night clubs with Greek or international music. Except from Fira, intense night life you can find at Kamari, Oia and Perissa, where beach parties are often held by the beach bars and fun keeps up to the morning.